Assembling Units

Paint Booth
Paint Booth  
  • A 16meter long paint spray booth cum heating oven, illuminated to produce daylight during nights, and a vertical down draft provided with a 15HP reciprocating oil/moisture-free Chicago Pneumatic compressor
  • 60 mm thick pre-fabricated double skinned panels in GI, insulated with non-combustible mineral fiber.
  • Two numbers of Air Inlet Blowers and four numbers of Exhaust Blowers resulting in uniform coating, besides glossy appearance.

Roof Leak Testing/Under Chassis Inspection
Roof Leak Testing  
  • Modern Service ramp for water leak test and under chassis inspection cleaning and painting
  • Steel super structure made of MS channels and angles
  • G.I tubes with about 100 shower fittings for spraying water at high pressure
  • Water pumped from the 1.2lakh liter capacity sump by two 5HP Submersible pumps, to produce heavy downpour conditions, enabling detection of points of leakages.

  • 8-tank hot phosphate process to prevent corrosion of all MS material used.
  • Usage of an exclusive compressor to achieve uniform painting of all phosphated MS items
  • Periodic evacuation of wastewater and used chemicals from the tanks resulting in high quality phosphating.

Effluent Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant  
  • The effluent and waste generated in the plant goes through an effective ETP process such as collection sump, oil skimmer, dosing pumps, lamella clarifier, sludge drying beds, aeration tank, pressure sand filter, activated carbon filter and an UV sterilizer and then for landscaping. Treated water is used for green belt development within the factory.

Under Chassis Inspection
  • Under chassis inspection is done before vehicle delivery to make sure u-clamp tightness, non-corrosive paint application, structure stability etc.